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Treasured Memories  珍藏记忆


  Vermont International Choral Festival


  June 13 - 15, 2008,   Vermont
  Songs Performed: Under The silver Moon Light, Rising Half Moon, Ga O Li Tai, Little Fishing Village, Kan Ding Love Song, Go To A Beautiful Place, When I First Came to This Land, Ahrirang, Bella Bimba, The Whistling Gypsy, Coulter's Candy, I'se The By, Alouette, Tumbalalaika, Ritsch Ratsch
  演出歌曲: 在银色的月光下, 半个月亮爬上来, 嘎哦丽泰, 康定情歌, 遥远的小渔村, 去一个美丽的地方, 及其它九首英文歌曲




   Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont, where the mass singing took place on June 14, 2008





   Please press the right-arrow button to view BEHC's performance (Rising Half Moon and Ga O Li Tai) at the Stowe Community Church, Stowe on June 14, 2008.


  A Classy Evening at Westford  经典音乐之夜


  November 17, 2007   First Parish Church, Westford, MA
  Songs Performed: Man Jiang Hong, The Great Tibet, Go to a Beautiful Place, Ga O Li Tai
  演出歌曲: 满江红, 大青藏, 去一个美丽的地方, 嘎哦丽泰




   This was a charity event to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and the Help Zhu Ling Foundation.





   It's a unforgettable evening! BEHC, as usual, is committed to local charities and, along with others, BEHC put on a concert that generated over $2,000 - including BEHC's $200 donation! Special thanks to Steve McIntosh for organizing the event.


   厘断業狛阻匯倖佃梨議匚絡. 和往常一样, 东方之声合唱团全力支持社区慈善活动, 与其他艺术家们一道, 我们的音乐会募集到两千多元资金- 其中有东方之声合唱团的两百元捐赠. 特别感谢Steve McIntosh 组织这项有意义的活动.



  Movie Preview - Nanjing  电影<南京>予演仪式


  November 9, 2007   John Hancock Hall, Boston, MA
  Songs Performed: God Bless America, Yellow River Ballad, Defending Yellow River
  演出歌曲: 上帝保佑美国, 黄水谣, 保卫黄河




   Unless we truly understand how these atrocities happen, we can¨t be certain that it won¨t happen again C Iris Chang


 除非真正了解暴行到底是怎么发生的,否则我们永远不能肯定将来不会再发生 - 张纯如


  More information...



   December, 2007, marks the 70th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre. BEHC is honored to perform in the event. It is our responsibility and obligation to help bring unknown truth to the world. We don't promote hatred against anybody, but historical facts should be preserved and studied to prevent such horrible atrocities from being repeated.


   2007年十二月是南京大屠杀七十周年. 东方之声合唱团有幸应邀在电影<南京>予演仪式上表演. 将历史事实告知世人是我们义不容辞的责任. 我们以德报怨, 不鼓励仇恨. 但我们应积极保存和研究史实以防止浩劫重复.



   Sound of Harmony Concert  才亞岻蕗咄赤氏


  September 22, 2007   Jordon Hall, Boston, MA
  Songs Performed: The Great Tibet, Go to a Beautiful Place,  Ga O Li Tai, Chinese Poem, Euphrates
  river, Yellow River Boatman, Yellow River Ballad, Defending Yellow River, Sleepless Tonight
  演出歌曲: 大青藏,去一个美丽的地方, 嘎哦丽泰, 满江红, 在幼发拉底河岸, 黄河船夫曲, 黄水谣, 保卫黄河, 今夜无眠



   In celebration of the founding of the North American Chorus Association (NACA), Conductor Qiao Wanjun, the founder of NACA, stated: "The harmony among people and harmony between people and nature are essential for the existence and advancement of human kind. Harmony nurtures our souls, decorates our lives, and fills the earth village with color and hope. The highest level of choral art is harmony - harmony of the souls and the harmony of music, where there is no stretch of, or domination by, the individual. Harmony is the trickling brook gently feeding the river which then naturally flows into the ocean."


 庆祝北美合唱协会(NACA)成立合唱音乐会. 正如乔万钧先生感言: 人与人的和谐, 人与自然环境的和谐, 是人类文明生存发展的需要, 她滋润我们的心灵, 点缀我们的生活, 使我们的地球村充满着色彩和希望.


 栽蟹簒宝議恷互廠順祥頁才亞, 伉痩議才亞, 咄赤議才亞. 壓宸戦短嗤倖來議嫖剌嚥偉跏, 峪嗤筝筝聾送, 峪嗤臭采鳧冪, 峪嗤寄今閏木.





   BEHC joined choruses from all over the northeastern U.S. to celebrate the founding of the North American Chorus Association (NACA), and BEHC shone on stage once again. As a key NACA member chorus, BEHC is committed to promote Chinese art and culture in the spirit of fun, cooperation and harmony. It was a big party of the choral elite from the northeastern U.S. and a wonderful display of choral achievement for both Chinese and English singers. This was the first time BEHC performed <The Great Tibet> and we met the challenge!


   叫圭岻蕗栽蟹妖嚥栖徭胆忽叫臼何巉謹栽蟹妖匯祇散伯臼胆栽蟹亅氏議撹羨. 壓宸倖母呂議玲岬貧厘断議梧蕗才帆υ拔班疏. 恬葎臼胆栽蟹亅氏議嶷勣氏埀妖岻匯, 叫圭岻蕗栽蟹妖持自埼剌嶄鯖猟晒才簒宝, 北剌酔赤栽恬嚥才亞議娼舞. 宸頁匯肝臼胆栽蟹娼哂議寄詔氏, 頁嶄胆栽蟹燕處簒宝邦峠才欠鯉議娼科婢幣. 宸頁叫圭岻蕗遍肝處蟹互佃業涙育怙栽蟹寄楳茄旺鞭欺鉱巉挫得.


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