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Welcome You to Join the Big Family of Boston Eastern Heritage Chorus!



请访问东方之声合唱团 Yahoo 团组网页 - Please visit BEHC Yahoo Group Page


 在2000年之秋, 东方之声合唱团由几位喜爱合唱的牛顿中文学校家长发起成立, 至今已走过十 四个春秋. 合唱团队伍日益壮大, 水平不断提高.


   合唱团现有五十多位团员, 他们来自各行各业, 有工程师,医生,音乐家,管理人员,和科学家. 年龄跨度相当大, 年少的三十, 年长的近十. 音乐是人类的共同语言, 歌唱是我们的共同爱好. 歌唱让我们欢乐, 歌唱让我们忘记疲劳, 歌唱为我们带来新朋友.


   每星期日下午从3:30到5:00, 合唱团在牛顿中文学校(F.A. Day Middle School, 21 Minot Place, Newton, MA)116室进行练习. 团员们练声,学谱, 排练, 交流讨论. 这是一周里最欢乐的时分. 


   朋友, 如果你喜爱唱歌, 请加入东方之声合唱团! 我们渴望新声音,新思维,为合唱团的未来谱写新篇章!



   In the fall of 2000, a group of parents from Newton Chinese Language School who enjoy chorus singing started the now Boston Eastern Heritage Chorus. It's been fourteen years since the founding of BEHC and the team is growing bigger and the choir has maintained high artistic standards.


   Currently there are over fifty members in BEHC who come from all types of occupations including management, science, engineering, music, and medicine. Their ages range from 30s to 70s. Music is the common language of human kind and singing is our common hobby. Chorus signing brings us joy, let us overcome tiredness, and makes us new friends.


   Every Sunday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, members come to room 116, F.A. Day Middle School, 21 Minot Place, Newton, MA to practice. We do vocal training, learn music notes reading, conduct group practice, and communicate with each other. This is the happiest time of the entire week for choir members.


   Dear friends, if you enjoy singing, you should join BEHC! We desire new voices, new thinking, and to help us composing new chapters in the future!



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